Non Verbal Signs He Likes You, Body Language

Every girl in this world has at some point in their life had a crush on a guy.  Instead of plucking the petals of a rose, and dreaming of your prince charming, take charge! Step out into the real world.  For a lot of girls, it is very hard to be direct with a guy.  They are unsure of how they should behave.  They have no clue what the guy’s feelings for them are. The girls are put in a flabbergasting predicament.  Those sleepless nights of wondering when you can be in his arms, are going to have to come to an end.  There are several ways to find out whether or not a guy likes you.  All you need is a keen eye for detail. Some times you have to spot “non verbal signs he likes you”.
non verbal signs he likes you

Non Verbal Signs He Likes You ..

The first thing that a girl needs to do is to look and check her crush’s body language.  If he is leaning towards you, that is an indicator that he may be interested in you. A guy that is into you tends to sit closer to you.  He might try to act goofy and may even bother you.  If he is directly in front of you, and does not move, that means he really does like you.  Guys want to impress girls.  If he tries to impress you in any way, it means he wants you to notice him.  Coincidentally, you are trying to get him to notice you!

Another detail that guys display to let you know that they like you is with their eyes.  Guys tend to stare at the girls that they like.  He will stare straight into your eyes, and every time you try to avoid it, he will continue to stare at you. His goal is to try to make you uncomfortable, but if you like him, then it happens in a good way. Establishing eye contact is a major point of establishing a connection between two people.  If he smiles at you while gazing into your eyes, it is even better!  He can make you feel like you are the most exquisite thing, just with his gaze!dating shy guys

Lastly, not all guys are that bold and may not approach you, those are the shy kind. If you like a guy, check for signs of nervous vibes from the guy.  This applies to both guys and girls. People usually get nervous around someone who they are interested in.  When you are around the guy, check for nervous laughs, fidgeting, and quick glances.  He is nervous about how you feel about him. He might even have awkward facial expressions, because he does not know how you will react to him! See, you may not be the only one sweating it out!