Why Do Women Cheat, Why did she cheat on me?

You are the happiest you have ever been in your entire life.  Everything is complete. You have a girlfriend that is in almost perfect in every way, and most of all she loves you with all her heart.  Then, why does she cheat on you? What propels her to do this?  You are heartbroken and as puzzled as ever. Just when you thought that things couldn’t get better, they go horribly wrong.  You gave her everything, yet she had to go and mess up something amazing.Why Do Women Cheat,

Why Do Women Cheat ?

There are several reasons why women cheat.  First of all, she might not be getting satisfied in the bedroom. Sex can become quite boring for some people.  If it is always the same, then woman tend to get bored.  So they seek excitement and what is more exciting than being with another man?  By having an affair, she will get swept away with adventure and that feeling of danger. People smoke to get their adrenaline flowing, it is in the same boat.  Although it is wrong, and you feel bad about it, for that moment it feels good.  For a minute of pleasure, you waste a whole life.

Another reason is the feeling of neglect.  Many times, in a relationship, a man tends to withdraw from complementing and pampering a woman.  For some woman, this is an obvious reason to cheat.  She wants attention, not from anyone, but from her man.  But if she cannot get it from her man, she will get it from another man.  Woman always want to be treated special.  If a man spends all his time working, then he is losing his woman slowly.  A couple should spend time together no matter what.

She may also cheat as a sign of revenge.  That is, if a woman is with a man that cheat on her.  She might have decided to stay with him only to give him a taste of his own medicine.  Nothing hurts more than being cheated on by your sweetheart.  Is it the right thing to do? Of course it isn’t.  But is it likely? Yes, it is. This twist will even the playing field for both people.  However, the relationship will be severely damaged.  The couple will have to work together to cope with their wrong doings.

Lastly, a woman cheat because she wants to end the relationship.  Some woman, no matter what, cannot break up with a man.  If it such a difficult task for her, she will cheat, and probably will let you catch her in the act. This way, she does not have to reveal her feelings.  This type of woman, are not big fans of communication.  However, communication is the most important part of a relationship.  Even when it comes to breaking up, a woman should feel comfortable enough to discuss with her man the reason why.  So men out there, keep your woman happy!