OMH GroupWise, Logging in from home

Novell GroupWise is an email service provider often used in government employment institutions, schools or colleges. Many people have access to the GroupWise software in these institutions but they do not however know how to access this from external sources like at home. Being a New York State employee, I understand the frustration associated with this. I myself do not wish to go into work just to check my email on there software. Checking OMH GroupWise from home is easy.

OMH GroupWise, Logging in from home

Luckily, Novell GroupWise can now be configured remotely and you can access it via the institutions website or the main entity, for me which is the Office of Mental Health website. OMH recently changed their email domain from to Siimply enter your username and password and  your connection speed and login. For slow connections, you can opt for the basic interface, this domain currently covers all of the psychiatric facilities in New York.omh-groupwise

Your state will also have such centralized NovellGroup wise email solutions for every state department, see your employer or your state website to learn more. Another method to accessing the email at home is via programs such as Microsoft Outlook, you simply add a new email account, enter incoming and outgoing mail servers. If you are a NY state OMH employee you add in incoming mail servers as, then you enter your username and password. After entering the information be sure to save the account to Outlook. For outgoing mail servers you should add the mail server of your internet service provider ex: or other services you are using to send mail.

The web mail access is by far the easier method of accessing your GroupWise email. You can do the same through your smartphones. If you wish to add the email account on your smartphone follow the same tips provided for Outlook above, the concept is the same. First find out your mail server then add a new email account to your phone. You should also enter in the user and password information and you are done. Sometimes you may only be able to receive mail and not send, this could be a server limitation on your employers side. You can always use your own SMTP servers to send emails such as yahoo or even your ISP provider. Just remember that SMTP servers send mail and POP3 receives mail. I hope you enjoyed my article, be sure to share it on Facebook and other social networking websites.

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