G-325a Sample, Completing the Immigration Petition

Completing the G-325a and the immigration packet, if you haven’t seen my initial post on completing the form I-130 please see I-130 Form, Immigration Process. The USCIS requires that you and your spouse complete the G-325a forms which you can obtain from here G-325a Download. The purpose of the G-325a sample is to guide you in completing the biographical information that you will be submitting to the U.S citizenship and Immigration services.

G-325a Sample & Guide

This form is pretty straight forward and asks the petitioner and beneficiary (immigrating spouse) for their information. It asks for fathers and mothers family names, date of birth city and country of birth etc. If you do not have a former husband or wife then you put NONE in the first box. Then you move on to the applicant’s residential information for the last five years. You start with the most recent (present) address which you are residing first. You do not have to show any addresses prior to five years.

If you were living in another country for more than a year please include that in the next box. Then comes the employment box, list your last five years of employment showing the most recent one first. If you can’t fit all of these information here, please start a continuation sheet. You can can then put (please see continuation sheet) in the first box. G-325A Sample

For the last occupation abroad I Put N/A as I didn’t have any. Be sure to check “this form is submitted in connection with, as shown in the picture here. Don’t forget to sign and date the form.

g325a help

In the next box put your family name (last name) and first name (given name), middle name and your Alien Registration Number. There is no Alien Registration Number for the beneficiary so you put N/A then follow the tips below for the petitioner.

The Alien number starts with an A followed by 9 digits. You can find this number on your Green Card, If you lost yours, you can find it on the forms or any information sent to you from USCIS in the past. You can also make an Info-Pass arrangement on USCIS website http://infopass.uscis.gov. You can then visit your local office to obtain your number, be sure to bring a photo identification.

Completing the I-130 Packet

You are not done just by following my G-325a sample, you have to include many other documents with your I-130 packet. Here is a checklist below, a sample checklist from my petition is also attached on the bottom of the article for you to download.

  1. A cover letter ( a sample of my cover letter is attached below, this goes above all your documents)
  2. A check for the I-130 filing fee attached to a blank page of paper with staple
  3. Completed and signed form I-130 petition for the beneficiary
  4. Completed & signed form G-325a  for the petitioner
  5. G-325a continuation sheets (if any)
  6. One passport-type photo of the petitioner with their full name on the back and in zip-loc bag stapled to a white sheet of paper. (place this behind the petitioner’s G-325a)
  7. A complete and signed G-325a for the beneficiary.
  8. G-325a continuation sheet for the beneficiary (if any)
  9. A passport-type photo for the beneficiary with their full name on the back and in a zip-loc bag stapled to a white sheet of paper. (place this behind the beneficiary’s G-325a)
  10. G-1145 E notification if you wish to be notified of your approval via email or text.
  11. A copy of the petitioner’s naturalization certificate as proof of U.S Citizenship
  12. A copy of the petitioner’s birth certificate
  13. A copy of your marriage certificate
  14. A copy of the beneficiary’s birth certificate
  15. A copy of  the beneficiary’s passport (the important pages usually the first 2nd, visa stamps and the back)
  16. Evidence of your marriage and relationship or the bona fides. This can be a joint bank account, witness statements, money transactions, wedding invitations, wedding pictures, your logged online conversations. The more evidence the better. I showed a joint NRO account in India, wedding pictures, wedding invitation and a receipt of money transfer through Xoom.

* (Optional) You can complete a G-1145 application if you wish to be notified of your acceptance via text message or email by USCIS.

I hope you have enjoyed this article and it was helpful to you. Please follow the direct download links below to obtain the continuation sheet samples and cover sheets for your I-130 Packet. These will help you organize your I-130 packet. If you have any question you can add comments below.

Direct Download Links

I-130 Packet Cover Sheet (this should go above all of your documents in the I-130 Packet)

My Sample I-130 Cover Letter which I used for my own Visa Proceedings.

Continuation Sheet (copy it to Microsoft Word and edit it to meet your needs)

G-1145 Electronic Notification

G-325a Download (Forms)

I-130 Download (Form)

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